Healing History:  A short documentary by Kristin Alexander, Middleway Media.

                                                       What is Healing History?

HEALING HISTORY:  The documentary filmed by Kristin Alexander, follows educator and performance artist Mwalimu Melodye Micëre Van Putten as she teaches traditional African principles and values to children and adults in the United States and Bermuda. Using movement, poetry and music, Mwalimu brings excitement and joy to students while instilling a sense of motivation, self-esteem and pride. Her work highlights the positive psychological benefits of an African-centered education.


                                                 Why is this an important message?   

We see this short documentary as an INSPIRATIONAL film.  It is our hope that it will educate teachers in life-saving, culturally-based strategies for improving academic performance, character development, self-esteem and purpose – all necessary ingredients for a successful and productive life.

The process of Healing History begins with teaching children a history that heals invisible wounds by providing cultural grounding, values and expectations for a future of possibilities and opportunities.

It is a education process with potential benefit for individuals, the community and the society at-large.  I am valuable and have genius, that applies to all of us.


For more information contact:  kristin@middlewaymedia.com


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