What people are saying about the film

We asked for written comments at each of the screenings, here are a few.

International Pan African Film Festival, Cannes, France

April 2015

  • A very important message for all children. GREAT film. Love what you are doing.
  • Come to Trinidad! Love your work! Ase’.
  • Very good. The distorted way of teaching history needs to be addressed. Very powerful. My only critic is I would show more the diversity of African cultures.
  • Good Job! Black American and Black people have really to know our common past. It’s very important. Thank you very much for this laudable approach.
  • You resemble Maya Angelou, writer: the fight to be Black and to learn our history, to be free of slavery.
  • Thank you so much for such an amazing remembrance. You are reminding African people that they should and must go through what they are taught at school – you are inspiring and incredible. May God bless you. Xoxo
  • Thank you for this movie. Africans need their history to be told.
  • A beautiful film! Go on with this work – thank you – thank you- thank you.
  • The movie was short, but excellent. Your movie teaches that it’s important for teachers and parents, educators to invest in the history and the education of our children.
  • Thank you. It was fantastic. So many people don’t know who they are and they don’t know that it is important. Thank you.
  • Thank you. It was very interesting. It’s so important to know your history. Thanks to you, we know who you/we are.
  • I really liked the documentary, I like the course, the choice of words to convey the message. I would, however, like to say that African Americans should be educated to know both their American and African heritage.
  • Magnifique! Merci!

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