We have been blessed with incredible talent in bringing the film Healing History together.

Beginning with the joyful children from the school in Philadelphia, to the adults of the Life before Enslavement class in Bermuda, the film Healing History comes alive.

Mwalimu Melodye Micëre Van Putten brings her vibrant message to us through her poetry, music, and teaching.  Tehuti Colwyn Burchall, Jr. enhances the message with his experiences.  Thomas Lowery’s percussion and drumming moves us to action.

Mr. Burchall and Melodye Micëre Van Putten

Our talented crew came together to capture the music, message, poetry and the sense of how important and needed this information is for all of us.

Kristin with camera and Thomas Lowery, Percussionist
Kristin with camera and Thomas Lowery, Percussionist

Cinematography by:  Kristin Alexander, Daniel Cojanu, Asha Ludwig

The Team at work…Including Ken Alexander and Elise Hugus on audio, Carvel Van Putten assisting with set up, Thomas Lowery at the drum and Daniel Cojanu awaiting start of filming.


Crew in Philly


The team in Philadelphia, Ken Alexander audio, Elise Hugus with boom, Kristin Alexander cinematography, and Daniel Cojanu (hidden and above) cinematography.


French Translators:  Keilyn Lightbourn Wilson, Arlette Afagbegee, Pierre Serge Marie Warin,

Asante Sana Thank you!


Filmmaker Kristin Alexander with Mwalimu Melodye Micëre Van Putten


The Donors:

Thank you for being part of bringing Healing History to the world.

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